Cunningham C-4RK

In the first lap of its first race, which just happened to be the most important sports car race in the world, the C-4RK was in the lead.

A decade before Carroll Shelby took his Cobras to Europe, Briggs Cunningham brought American horsepower and know-how to the 24 Hours of LeMans, where he challenged the supremacy of the great European marques on their home soil. The C-4RK was a one-of-one streamlined coupe-a LeMans special of sorts-designed with input from one of the most famous automotive aerodynamicists of all time, Dr. Wunibald Kamm. Did the C-4RK live up to the promise embodied in its aggressive bodywork? Pick up this first installment of the Stance & Speed Monograph Series to find out...

The Stance & Speed Monograph Series is for people who like cars, period. Each book in the Monograph Series examines one significant automobile and the incredible history that surrounds it. We'll be covering a wide variety of cars, from road racers, to dragsters, to hot rods, to one-off coachbuilt masterpieces, to land speed record cars and more, introducing new books at regular intervals. As you add each new release to your collection you'll create a shelf full of fascinating automobiles to which you can return again and again.

Photography by Peter Harholdt || Text by Peter Bodensteiner || Foreword by Peter Brock, designer of the Shelby Daytona Coupe.

Stance & Speed Monograph No. 1

hardcover || 11 x 11 || 32 pages

ISBN 978-0983060659

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